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Free Image Hosting是一个国外的免费图床,速度好稳定,该图床已经稳定很多年了。

Free Image Hosting at - Upload & Share Images on Social Networks, Blogs, and Galleries

Free Image Hosting是一个国外的免费图床,速度好稳定,该图床已经稳定很多年了。

Welcome to Free Image Hosting! We provide a web hosting service running on several dedicated linux web servers. Why waste money on monthly web hosting fees? Our dedicated server bandwidth is available for this service at no charge to our visitors.

Use the field above to upload as many photos as you need to. First, click Browse and select the image on your computer that you would like to host with us. Next, click Upload Images to transfer the image file to our server. After the upload is complete, you will receive codes to copy/paste onto your blog, email, or Facebook.

Registration is not required, but creating an account lets you manage your uploads and use other extra features. Please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions before using our image hosting service. Adult rated images are not allowed and will be removed.

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